10 things to do with your extra hour of sunlight

The clocks have gone forward and that only means one thing – we all get an extra hour of sunlight!

With an extra hour of sunlight comes extra time to be happy and go outside so here’s 10 ideas for what to do with that time!

Edited Cherry Blossom

  1. Go for a walk along the beach/through your local park.
  2. Take the time to air dry your bedding outside.
  3. Tidy out your bag and put in the essentials for tomorrow.
  4. Do 30 minutes of yoga followed by a nice long shower.
  5. Paint your nails.
  6. Plan what you need to do the next day.
  7. Read a book you’ve been wanting to read for ages.
  8. Catch up on your bloglovin feed.
  9. Have a power hour and get your room tidied.
  10. Simply sit and enjoy the sun!

Hopefully these ideas will help you out with what to do in this lovely spring!

Do you have any other ideas?



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