Date Ideas

Valentine’s Date Ideas

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and to those of you seeing your other half – I am so very jealous of you!

Me and J’s weekend together didn’t coincide with Valentine’s this year so we’ll be enjoying a meal for two over facetime (Oh the things we do for long distance love!). Speaking of which I cannot wait to be home for the holidays again!

I thought it would be fun to post a list of date suggestions for those of you that can see each other as well as some fun ideas for those who are single or in the same situation as me!


As a couple:

  • Go to the Zoo!
  • Spend the afternoon baking!
  • Go on a long walk!
  • Spend the afternoon playing your favourite video games!
  • Stay in bed all day cuddling (my favourite way to spend a Sunday)!
  • Write each other a letter to read next time you are apart and are missing each other!

For the long distancers:

  • Facetime each other over dinner!
  • Send a letter to each other to open once you wake up!
  • Send a care package!
  • Surprise your other half and turn up unexpectedly!
  • Be the first person your partner hears in the morning and the last thing they hear at night!

For the singles:

  • Pamper night (using lush products of course)!
  • Day trip to somewhere new!
  • Girls night in or out!
  • Write a letter to yourself telling yourself how brilliant and wonderful you are!
  • Ring your mum!

I hope I’ve given you some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day and I hope you all have a wonderful day full of self love 🙂 xo



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