Favourite Video Games

Ah video games – How I adore thee!

I’ve always enjoyed gaming both solo and multi-player (Legend of Zelda is the best franchise ever) and even now still enjoy curling up with a cup of tea and my 3DS.

Pile of Games.JPG

I don’t have a very large collection of 3DS games (mainly because they’re wayyyyy to expensive!) but the games that I do have are loved!

I don’t find myself with much free time in which to sit down and play so I try to make time instead – On a Saturday evening you’re more than likely find me playing World Of Warcraft or tending to my farm on Harvest Moon.

Favourtie Games

I do however, have three favourite games! I’m loving Ocarina of Time, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. The last two have a very obvious appeal – I can escape to a world where everything goes right and I have complete control over everything (very unlike real life!) whereas Legend of Zelda provides me with more brain work and is a great anger reliever (especially when playing on the Wii!)

Animal Crossing will always be where my heart lies. When it first came out on gamecube, my family got it and named our town Fog Town – Even today when I start a new game I always call it Fog Town or Fog City!

3DS showing Animal Crossing

So that’s my gaming loves!

What do you love to play? Any recommendations for me?


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