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Perfume Collection

I’ve never owned much perfume until now. For me 2016 is the year of Perfume!

Perfume Collection.JPG
Butterfly, Paperback and Daisy

It’s probably a small collection compared to most peoples but for me it’s perfect! I was lucky enough to receive all three across Christmas and my Birthday and they all smell divine!

I’ve always loved the design of the Daisy bottles as well as the scent and they make lovely room decorations.

Zoom in of Daisy Lid

Look at that lid!

Paperback is another scent I’ve been wanting to try for a while and it definitely lived up to the wait! So far everyone who’s smelt it has smelt something different – for me it’s a vanilla scent mixed with the scent of baking and being at home! It’s very refreshing and lingers for a long time!

Butterfly is a very similar scent to Daisy but not as strong so I’ll be wearing that on days where I want something more delicate!

What’s your favourite scent?


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