Christmas Haul

I was a bit worried that posting this would come across as braggy but I’ve loved reading everyone else’s hauls so I’ve chosen the best presents I got this year to show you guys!

Christmas haul 1.JPG

I’ve been incredibly spoiled this year and my birthday is in a week so I’ll be even more grateful towards my family and friends for being so lovely!

Christmas haul 2

I got a huge book haul off of my dad and grandparents which will keep me going for a little while (any Nightvale fans here?) and Josh’s parents got me the Harry Potter colouring book (I didn’t squeal honest!)

Christmas haul 3

My mum got  me some bracelets which are beautiful and the sentiment behind them is so lovely 🙂 Josh got me a proper camera (I’m so excited to learn how to take better photos) and some other bits including my favourite film of the year!

Christmas haul 4

I think the best present of all has to be this little puppet set from my mum! We have a mouse problem at University and I feel so bad for killing them, so she brought me my own (non-kitchen destroying) mice!

What did you get for Christmas this year? Are you feeling extra lucky?


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