Subscription Box

My Little Magic Box

My Little Box have really pulled out the stops this year and the box feels so christmassy!

December 1

This month’s box was particularly special as there was an app to download which brought all the drawings on the front to life!

December 2

The contents of this month’s box really made up for the last few months AND they’ve brought back the glossy magazine instead of the poster *yay*!

December 3

The contents of this box were amazing! I think I got around £35 worth of product and I know my mum’s box had more to due to a Nars Blusher!

The melted lip stick is lovely and isn’t really that bright! It gives just a hint of colour to my lips (although that they may be due to how much I put on!).

The nail varnishes will be perfect for Christmas and they’re not too thick!

December 4

The gloves are beautiful and I love the gold thread running through them!

The tea is my favourite item out of the box! I’ve never had loose tea before but it smells amazing and I’d love to try it soon (I’ll have to buy an infuser!).

And that was this month’s box!

Did any of you receive it?

What was your favourite item?



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