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Christmas Lush Haul

When we went to London we ventured on to Oxford Street – I won’t be going back! Wayyyyyy to hetic and most of the shops didn’t appeal!

One shop that was amazing however was Lush! From what I’ve heard it’s one of the biggest stores in the world and they had a load of products which you can’t buy anywhere else!

November Lush 1One of the products I was most excited to get was a hot oil treatment called Kinky. Although it’s designed for more afro style hair I feel my hair is like that just not as tight! I tried it out Sunday night and so far it’s been good! My hair feels moisturised and it’s definitely more curly.

The orange disk is a solid shampoo that up until recently you could buy anywhere. Now it’s a London exclusive -_- It’s also the only shampoo that can deal with my hair and leaves it smelling amazing 🙂November Lush 3

I also got a bath melt (an Oxford exclusive) which smells just like Snow Fairy *swoons*. Stardust is a bath bomb full of essential oils which will be perfect after Christmas shopping!

November Lush 2

I couldn’t resist the Peeping Santa bubble bar – it’s so cute and smells amazing too! Bar Humbug is the only one I’ve used so far and its amazing – I had a beautifully scented purple bath and it was definitely relaxing!

And that’ my little lush haul, I’m really excited to try the bath melt and will probably use that on boxing day – is there a better way to unwind?

Are you treating yourself to Lush this season?


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