Goals · Monthly Review

November Review

Happy Friday!

I’m on my way to IKEA right now (I’m ridiculously excited) so I thought a nice month review would fill this journey time nicely!

It’s been getting lovely and cold throughout the month and this is pretty much what it’s like outside after my lectures…

So foggy!

Anyway my goals for this month were to:

1) Hand in all Assignments – I’ve achieved this!

2) Lose 4 lb -I lost 2lb so I’m happy with that 🙂

3) Start planing Christmas – I’ve brought some presents already!

4) Stick to my weekly budget – I’ve kind of done this but I had to pay a deposit for a house next year which obviously took alot of money :/

Oh and one more thing  

I was so excited for that little snowflake but when I checked the weather 30 minutes later it was gone *sob*
How was your month?


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