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November My Little Box

This months My Little Box is titled ‘My Little Sweet Box’. Sadly there are no sweets involved (Although the French girls got chocolates – so not fair!)!!

November 1

This months box is actually a tin! It’s a great idea in theory but sadly my delivery driver wasn’t very careful with it…

November 7

I’ve emailed My Little Box about it so hopefully they’ll be able to send me a replacement!

Anyway onto the contents of the box.

November 4

As per usual we start with the magazine (I wish they’d bring back the old format) and included is a little information about the lady the box is in association with.

There was no doodle in this month’s box and no little cloth bag for the beauty products 😦

The lifestyle product was a cute little apron!

November 3

Also included were some cute stickers to put on food containers.

November 5

Cute but not very useful until I get some nice jars!

November 6

Beauty wise we have a hand cream, face wash and sample of perfume (smells so good!).

To be quite honest I’m really disappointed by this month’s box 😦 It doesn’t live up to it’s title at all – there is nothing remotely sweet themed in the box unless you count the apron!

Hopefully next month’s box will be better!

What do you think about this month’s box?


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