My Make Up Collection

I don’t wear much make up (cue my house mates tortured screams) as I’m quite comfortable having my natural skin shine through (and I’m absolutely s**t at putting it on!).

As such my make up collection is quite small but the items I do have I use (so that’s a good thing!).

Beauty November #1

The blusher set is from Benefit and is the most expensive part of my collection! The lipstick and mascara I got free when I brought the foundation and powder. The eye shadow was a Christmas present from J’s mum, the boi-ing concealer was a gift to me when I lost half a stone last year (sadly I put it all back on!).

Beauty November #2

The blusher palette is my favourite product as it’s so versatile! It has 6 full size blushers and a sample of ‘Watts up!’ (I have no idea how to use this!). I mainly wear Dandelion (the lightest pink) though I sometimes use the others to add a bit more colour to my cheeks 🙂

Beauty November #3

The lipstick is the perfect shade of pink for me and is great for everyday use!

Beauty November #4

The eye shadow palette has four colours in order to create a smoky eye. As I said I’m really bad at applying make up so I wear two of these colours maximum!

So that’s my make up collection! Apologises for my poor description skills – I’m very new to this thing!

What’s your go to make up?


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