Day Trip

A trip up Spinnaker Tower…

On Saturday me and J decided we would finally venture up Spinnaker Tower! It’s 170 meters tall and has the largest glass floor in Europe!

Spinnaker 2

I wasn’t brave enough but J was! You had to take your shoes off to go across it and it made for a very surreal experience!

I took a quite a few photos but somehow missed getting one from the outside of the tower!

Spinnaker Collage

As you can see the views were stunning! These photos come from all three floors of Spinnaker. The first floor is the viewing platform, the second is a cafe (that does amazing cream tea) and the third is an open air viewing deck (very cold!).

We actually ended up visiting during the Tower’s birthday celebrations and as such we all got free gifts when we brought out tickets – we got 10% off in the gift shop which we used to buy a photo that the staff took for us 🙂

I would definitely recommend visiting if you’re in the area! Being a resident and a student I was able to use a special deal that meant me and J only paid £10 all together 🙂 Booking online also gives you a discount!

I’ll leave you with my favourite photo of the day…

Spinnaker 7


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