New Diary for the New School Year.

Happy friday everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and that the weekend is nice and relaxing for you 🙂

Today I’m reviewing my new diary from Rifle Paper Co! I ordered it from Mrs Brimbles on Tuesday and it arrived this morning very carefully wrapped.

Diary 1

The front cover is gorgeous and the colours of the flowers are very vibrant on the black background. It’s a thick card material (possibly backed on cardboard?). The gold lettering on the front also makes it feel very glamorous!

Diary 2

The inside has got a lovely floral design in gold with a little space for you to write your name/contact details. The actual writing its self is sadly black (how cute would gold foil on each page be?!) The paper is actually quite good quality as well! Once I’ve used it for a few weeks I’ll show you the see through 🙂

Diary 6

Each section is tabbed but all the monthly views are in one section which I actually really like! You can’t see the tabs for 2016 in this section as once you reach January the tabs restart from the start of the page.

Diary 3

The monthly view boxes are of a great size and have a helpful notes column as well as small boxes at the top showing the days of the previous and next months.

Diary 5

Each month of weekly views has a pretty divider with the month on as well as a cute pattern – might look quite nice coloured in?

Diary 4

The weekly view its self is perfect for me as it’s all check boxes! Meaning I can bullet journal to my hearts content 🙂 Each weekday has 14 checkboxes whilst the weekend has 7. This works well for me as I’m actually using the second lot of checkboxes on each day to record any events taking place.

Diary 8

Diary 7

The ‘extra’ pages within the diary are super functional. I love the idea of keeping a list of my friends and families contact details so I’ll be slowly filling this in over the next few weeks!

And that’s the Rifle Paper Co 17 month planner! Hopefully this planner will serve me well for the next academic year 🙂

What planner are you using this year?


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