Lush Haul

So I’m all moved in to my second year house (Pictures at some point) and today me and my house mates went on a lovely shopping trip to the city centre and I may or may not have filled a basket in Lush!

September Lush 1

For me, Lush is normally reserved for Christmas presents so it’s a massive treat to be using the items in a more everyday setting. I’m hoping the prospect of a bath will motivate me to do my reading! (Some of it is seriously disturbing.)

What did I buy?

I treated myself to four bath bombs and one solid shampoo bar which came in at just under £22 – pretty good in my opinion!

Trichomania Shampoo Bar

September Lush 6

 Lush describe it as being ultra hydrating and protein rich. It contains coconut so its going to smell absolutely gorgeous!

Yoga Bath Bomb

September Lush 4

Lush describe this one as being a meditative fizzer containing sandalwood oil. I think this one will be perfect after a long stressful day.

The Experimenter Bath Bomb

September Lush 2

This is the bath bomb I went in for!  It’s got popping candy and fair trade vanilla! Otherwise known as pure heaven. I think I might use this one later!

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon

September Lush 3

It’s a macaroon but its a bubble bar! This has coconut oil and shea butter in it so its sure to be moisturising. I’m probably going to split this over four baths (more for my money!).

Milky Bath Bubble Bar

September Lush 5

Isn’t it adorable? Lush describe it as being filled with orange oil and skimmed milk which will leave skin feeling moisturised! We had a demo of it in the shop and boy does it foam up! This is another product which can be split over several baths.

September Lush 7

And here they all are together! Such a nice range of colours 🙂

What are your favourite lush products?


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